Pulau Ketam 2005
0. Prelude
1. Arriving at Port Klang
2. Touchdown
3. Walkabout
4. Fish Farm
Lunch was served at 1 something. As mentioned earlier ago, we got to taste the famous fish of the village known as Hoi Loi. Other dishes featured typical seafood such as crab, ibacus (Heh Goh in Hokkien, Lai Niu Har in Cantonese), mussel, vegetables and more fish.

Checking out the price for a visit to the nearby fish farm. It wasn't part of the trip in the first place.
Meanwhile, a last look at the trademark fire station.

Fish Farm
In the first picture below you see everyone boarding the ferry, only to get to the more primitive motorboat on the other side (2nd pic). The ferry was just a stepping stone.

A final look at the exotic landscape of the Pulau Ketam fisherman village.

On our way to the renowned fish farm. Mangrove swamps are visible throughout the entire journey. One interesting thing was the waves seemed to be 'going after' the motorboat. =)

A 10-minute boat ride took us to this mysterious floating site right in the middle of nowhere. We were surprised to see how smart the fish farm owners are to have built these chalet-style houses around the farm. Each chalet has room for two, you can choose to have a one-night stay right above the fishes.

Our tour guide demonstrating how the fishes are fed. The net you see above the water is to protect the fishes from airborne attack. The bottom left picture sees a fish leaping off the water only to catch its lunch.
These 2 kids seemed to know the farm very well too. I wasn't too sure what they were trying to do to the fishes though.

Farm workers doing their job.
Hey guys watch your steps! These wooden branches wobble when you walk on them.
Mom and dad.

We were just in time to catch the ferry back to Port Klang after returning from the fish farm.

The trip was a nice one on the whole, and I'm very much satisfied with the performance of my new camera. The batteries didn't even run out after enduring 10 hours of continuous extreme shooting. The 12X stabilized optical zoom did an excellent job promising sharp images. The only thing, it's still a tad bit heavy in my opinion but this could easily be overshadowed by its remarkable functionality.

After all, the trip was officially ended with a deadly bull's-eye shot at this innocent black fella...

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