Pulau Ketam 2005
0. Prelude
1. Arriving at Port Klang
2. Touchdown
3. Walkabout
4. Fish Farm
Finally something that goes down to the stomach. After an hour of snapping and walking, we crammed into a local restaurant just to regenerate our energy level. However, a short break usually implies a much tougher journey ahead.

Here almost every household and restaurant is equipped with Astro satellite TV, and most of the families here have advanced karaoke system with the latest song listing installed. Pretty up-to-date as we are.

We had several dishes of local delicacies for our breakfast. I find the 'chicken leg' pretty tasty.

The first picture from the right shows one of the most popular vehicles you'll see in the village -- the motorbike (literally). It's bascially an ordinary bicycle with a motor attached to the rear wheel.

The Goldsmith. This China woman forges gold rings, ear rings, bracelets and necklaces with the most traditional method. Pieces of gold are first melted in a miniature furnace, she will then mold the molten gold into the shape and size of your preference. You can choose to attach your new jewelry with jade as decoration.

Bikes, a bike shop and a bike mechanic.

An uncle selling Tau Foo Far. The wooden barrel is something that we don't see very often.
Locally made snacks and spices. You will notice some familiar brand in the pictures as most of the packaged snacks are actually imported. The only genuine local made stuffs are the ikan bilis, kippers (ikan masin) and dried shrimps.

'Say... That's a nice bike...'
One of our teammates snatched a scooter from an innocent local resident and took his daughters for a ride.
A VCD clinic?!! This was perhaps the most hilarious moment throughout the trip. A shop with a signboard clearly stated 'medical centre', is actually a shop selling video CDs. Pirated or not? Who cares.
Backyard of a local restaurant.

Some of my favourite portrait shots. Check out the various expression of these individuals.

More artistic shots.

Where's everybody? A sudden drizzle brings everyone back to the shelter.
Snapped with my camera's macro mode. This bunch of sticks is actually wearable hands-free umbrellas! And you wear them around your 'head'.
Brand new scooters imported from China. RM1750 sounds pretty affordable. No license required to own one of these babies on this island.

Fisherman family weaving fishing net.
We don't get to see such interesting combination of colours very often in the city do we?

Hey! Alam Flora management office. 'Apparently' they still gotta work a lot harder keeping this village clean.
Yet another vivid combination of colours.

A giant hard-shell creature in a pond full of creepy-crawlies.
Have we met before?
A dragon. Oh! And a crow, too.

A kid speeding off with a puppy in hand. Too bad I didn't get to get a clear shot at his cute and cuddly lil' puppy. =(

As the kid dashed off the dangerous crowd in his bike, it was time for us to have our lunch. And there went most of our activities on the island. Our next stop after lunch was the fish farm, located 10 minutes away from the main island by boat.

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