Pulau Ketam 2005
0. Prelude
1. Arriving at Port Klang
2. Touchdown
3. Walkabout
4. Fish Farm
After approximately 30 minutes of tiring and nauseous journey, we finally saw signs of landmass. Typical wooden fisherman huts and shacks can be seen along the coastline, welcoming the arrival of these unfriendly visitors from the city fully armed with 'shooting' weapons.

I supposed it was 9 something in the morning when we stepped foot onto this peaceful island. I didn't keep track of the time all the way as I was too fascinated with my camera.

Baywatch. A panoramic view from the coast. Again the stunning image stabilized Stitch Assist function did a great job here. There are a total of 5 shots in this one, with some slight distortion between the first and second picture from the left, barely noticeable though.

First Impression
Everything seemed to be so calm and serene in this early Sunday morning. I had myself detoured from the gang as I was busy shooting pictures around.

From the jetty, you'll have to go through a short walk before you can get to the town, where all the islanders infest. Along the walk you'll see an eye-catching wooden building painted in bright yellow and red, which is the voluntary firefighters station. In the pictures you can see an ice cream man preparing for business on a brand new day. (The 3 chinese characters read Zha Xue Gao, meaning 'fried ice cream'.)

After the walk you'll enter a whole new world of experience. This is where you'll see passages full of busy crowds -- the happening Pulau Ketam morning market. Do not expect to see any heavy automobile on this island, instead the land transport is overly dominated by bikes and motorbikes (motor-powered bicycles).

Hawkers and peddlers busy with their business. In the pictures you can see a huge fish being cut up. According to the local, this fish is known as Hoi Loi (in Teow Chew I supposed), and we will have our first taste at it later during lunch.

Some artistic shots.

A nerd, a stray and two macho men.
Like father like son.

Everyone was pretty hungry by now. We finally settled down at a local restaurant and had a late breakfast. More pics coming up!

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