Pulau Ketam 2005
0. Prelude
1. Arriving at Port Klang
2. Touchdown
3. Walkabout
4. Fish Farm
It's been ages ago since my last visit to this small island that is merely 30 minutes away from Port Klang by boat.

It just so happens that my dad and his friends are planning to take a day tour to this renowned fisherman village, and they wanted to have a look at it before everything gets planned. In the meantime, I figured that it would be a great opportunity to try out my brand new Canon Powershot S2 IS, and I'm now here to show you all my hard-earned acquisition without any further ado.

Islander's Best Friend. This picture was actually taken twice, one of which the dog is on the right of the picture, and the next one sees the dog on the left. I then 'stitched' them up seamlessly, courtesy of Canon's proprietary PhotoStitch© software. You will see a couple more stitched pictures later in this album.

Arriving at Port Klang
We got up at around 5:45 in the morning just to make ourselves to the Pulau Ketam Jetty by 8 before the first ferry takes off. Thanks to the Sunday morning traffic we reached there half an hour earlier and booked overselves a spot in the ride to our destination.

It was a cloudy and drizzly morning. We stopped by a 'Chinese' mamak stall for a cup of tea and a couple pieces of sandwiches.

Jeti Pulau Ketam. No we were NOT on the island yet but this is how the place is called. We were still at Port Klang waiting for the ferry to arrive. Here you can see a picture of two charming young lads, the one in black is my youngest brother and alongside... (ahem!) yours truly.

Some scenery and constructions around the jetty.

There is clearly a reason why group photos shall be disliked. As you can see, everybody is there except for one guy, you have got 5 seconds to read his name out loudly. =P

ALL ABOARD~ Cheap labours boarding the ferry to a place called Far Far Away. (No offense =P)

The last picture shows me and my lovely mommy in the cabin. Pulau Ketam here we come!

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