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The Pearl of the Orient - First Encounter
November of 2005 saw my stardom dream materialized, as I finally made my debut public appearance in one of the most gorgeous cities in Asia. Hong Kong, constituted of the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the mainland New Territories and hundreds of outlying islands, is a land brewing some of the world's finest actors and actresses. In fact I did bump into a couple of celebrities throughout the trip.

Sneak Peek: Spectacular view of the entire Victoria Harbour from the Victoria Peak.

KLIA - The Departure
Let's start things off with our beloved Kuala Lumpur International Airport. A 45-minute ride took us from the ever congested city to this Airport in the Forest. Our flight was taking off at 6:05pm meaning we had 2 hours to kill inside this futuristic structure amidst nothing but bushes and trees.

CX 0724 - Yup that's our flight you bet!
• Colourful suitcases going down the drain (into the cargo compartment).
• World clock, no alarm function though. (If you know what I mean :>)

• Some state-of-the-art indoor landscaping. (We ain't ranked one of the world's top 10 airports for nothing :>)

• MAS aircrafts. (Lamppost go away!)
• In the cabin set for take-off.
• Ambient lighting along the aisle.

HKIA - Touchdown
OK I'm not sure if this abbreviation is valid, but this world's best airport of year 2005 was where our flight touched down after approximately 4 hours of airborne journey. The Hong Kong International Airport seems smaller than ours, its service efficiency and reputation is one of the best in the world nevertheless.

• Arrival hall decoration.
Chicks Cabin crew and passengers can't wait to get back to their cosy home.
• Very efficient baggage collection counter. We got our stuff in no time!

• Now which way to go?
• Met up with Uncle Chan (middle in beige) who stays in a nearby apartment overlooking the entire airport and the "unbeatable" seascape.

One Night in MongKok
The feeder bus was already there waiting to take us all to our shelter - the Royal Plaza Hotel in MongKok, around 45-minute road trip from the airport. The journey to the hotel was superbly REMARKABLE, fascinating night-lighting from the streets and towering buildings simply caught our attention all the way.

• Spacious pedestrian walkway right above the busy streets of MongKok. These walkways are flooded with pedestrians during rush hours.
• The streets were still pretty busy even though it was already late night.
• We sighted a 24-hour local restaurant amongst the busy traffic. Our first meal in Hong Kong was then settled. (Kung Chai Noodle was yummy!)

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